Meet the Team

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Linda Pauley

Director of Early Childhood Education

Office: (480)802-1505, Ext. 101

"I am absolutely passionate about brain development and providing the best start possible for young children. Their job is to play. Our job is to complicate the play. I couldn't ask for a better team to do it with! I invite you to scroll through and Meet the Team!" (Learn more...)

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Julie Capistran

Assistant Director, Operations

Office: 480.802.1505 ext.102

“Early childhood is a wonder-filled time and that excitement for learning is contagious!” (Learn more...)

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Jeanne Hernandez

Assistant Director, Resource & Development


“I believe early childhood education prepares a child for a lifetime of learning. It is a time for children to develop a sense of self-worth and confidence.” (Learn more...)

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Tonee Lopez

Pre-K Lead Teacher


“I strive to make my classroom a warm, loving, encouraging environment filled with developmentally age appropriate activities to help a child reach their milestones and full potential " (Learn more...)

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Jamie Morano

Preschool Lead Teacher


"I wanted to be an early childhood educator because this is such a wondrous age to witness children growing and learning." (Learn more...)

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Kristy Styx

Preschool Lead Teacher


"My favorite part of the day is drop off and having breakfast with the children. I lovingly call it "breakfast club." It's a nice way to start off the day asking questions, telling stories and starting off the day on a positive note." (Learn more...)

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Jacquie Daugherty

Two's Lead Teacher


"At the end of the day, I feel terrific when I think about all of the things the children learned because we provided the setting, the tools, the materials and, most importantly, the love!"