Risen Savior Early Childhood Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. NAEYC sets high standards for the schools that elect to undertake the rigorous self-study, program improvements, and annual reporting requirements. The organization sets standards based on 70 years of research that has indisputably proven that PLAY is the WORK of young children.

Academic standards are critical in any school, but how they are built into the curriculum vary greatly among early childhood centers. Risen Savior incorporates academic standards into activities that are hands-on and are most importantly… FUN! The reason for this is that children learn best when they are completely engaged in what they are doing. If you have to coerce a young child to sit still for large group instruction or a variety of worksheets, their minds are already looking for something else to do. Risen Savior prides itself on developing a love of learning in children. Teachers plan their lessons so that children have the opportunity to develop a hypothesis, experiment a little and adjust their hypothesis, if necessary. We don’t want them to be afraid of being wrong. It lessons their willingness to take risks in the classroom, which is paramount in learning to read and developing greater breadth and depth of knowledge throughout their education.

Obviously, the spiritual development of children is of the utmost importance to the pastors and teachers at Risen Savior. Jesus Time happens everyday in the classroom and the students attend Chapel every two weeks. They pray before meals and they pray for and with each other on a daily basis. They learn about various Bible stories through stories, songs and finger plays.

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