Our Staff

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Linda Pauley

Director of Early Childhood Education

Office: (480)802-1505, Ext. 101

"I am absolutely passionate about brain development and providing the best start possible for young children. Their job is to play. Our job is to complicate the play. I couldn't ask for a better team to do it with! I invite you to scroll through and Meet the Team!" (Learn more...)

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Kathleen Newman

Admissions Manager

Office: 480.802.1505 ext.100

"I hear families say WOW! about Risen Savior. They love seeing the way children can express themselves and learn through play. Parents often remark on the variety of developmentally appropriate materials and equipment that we have to offer. Plus, they notice the strong, loving connections that children make with their teachers. I love to see how excited moms and dads are when they discover our school!" (Learn more...)

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Julie Capistran

Office Manager

Office: 480.802.1505 ext.102

“Early childhood is a wonder-filled time and that excitement for learning is contagious!” (Learn more...)

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Jill Lopez

Kindergarten Lead Teacher


“Meeting each child at their level and creating engaging activities that boost and build their learning has proven to be the greatest professional reward I could ever hope to achieve.” (Learn more...)

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Jeanne Hernandez

Pre-K Lead Teacher


“I believe early childhood education prepares a child for a lifetime of learning. It is a time for children to develop a sense of self-worth and confidence.” (Learn more...)

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Tonee Lopez

Pre-K Lead Teacher


“I strive to make my classroom a warm, loving, encouraging environment filled with developmentally age appropriate activities to help a child reach their milestones and full potential " (Learn more...)

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Karen Leonard

Preschool Lead Teacher


"Working with my colleagues at Risen Savior has taught me to appreciate and to respect diversity in teaching." (Learn more...)

Profile image of Kristy Styx

Kristy Styx

Preschool Lead Teacher


"My favorite part of the day is drop off and having breakfast with the children. I lovingly call it "breakfast club." It's a nice way to start off the day asking questions, telling stories and starting off the day on a positive note." (Learn more...)

Profile image of Reyna Garcia

Reyna Garcia

Two's Lead Teacher


“Working with the Two’s class is such a blessing. The innocence of a child is truly the most beautiful thing. I am excited each day to have a chance to look at the world through their eyes.” (Learn more...)

Profile image of Corbie Schroeder

Corbie Schroeder

Two's Lead Teacher


"At the end of the day, I feel terrific when I think about all of the things the children learned because we provided the setting, the tools, the materials and, most importantly, the love!" (Learn more...)

Profile image of Ashley Woodman

Ashley Woodman

Toddler Lead Teacher


"It’s difficult for parents to leave their child all day.  We understand that. Sharing even the smallest detail of how the day went with parents, or snapping a photo to send, can provide a great amount of comfort." (Learn more...)